Project Description

SP Commerce, an end-to-end global solution for eCommerce company, came to LEWIS for an eight month marketing engagement of rebranding, messaging and a new website. The client had acquired two new companies and wanted to merge all three companies under one umbrella. The rebranding project fell under the new name “Omigo” but the client ended up keeping their name, SP Commerce.

However, before the name change, I worked with the client over the course of two to three months on branding Omigo. With numerous logo variations and color changes, the final logo encapsulated the look the client wanted, something that would be universal and easily recognizable. The Omigo brand also needed a unique logomark that could be separate from the logo itself. The final brand solved all the client’s wishes, but unfortunately was never pushed to the market due to the name change.

*Lead & Sole Designer

Project Details
DateSummer/Fall 2016